Why Candy Crush Saga is taking over the world

Candy Crush Saga is extremely polished

From top to bottom, someone at King.com has given a lot of love and attention to detail to Candy Crush Saga. The colors are bright and inviting, the user interface is intuitive and not complicated at all, the tutorial experience is slick and the game play is simple and familiar enough that almost everyone can understand how to play from the moment they begin. There is not a single part of the game that feels ‘cheap’ — every element of Candy Crush Saga is carefully constructed to make the player feel joy and excitement with each action. While Bejeweled is also extremely polished, it lacks a light and fun theme that makes it feel fresh and modern.

The candy-coated nature of Candy Crush Saga allows for King.com to have some lighthearted fun with it. In between ‘chapters’, little cut-scenes are shown that offer up a lightweight story about helping out the candy inhabitants. The candy pieces and the boosts themselves are colorful and appealing to look at. The verbal encouragements (voice-overs that occur when the player matches candy gems in more interesting combinations) are dripping with sweetness , such as “Sugar Rush!” and “Tasty!”. The music is happy and soothing, and lulls you into a false sense of security that the game’s AI isn’t actively trying to make you lose. There are sound effects on every button click, scroll, and tap which gives the affirming feedback that every player needs but doesn’t know it

Despite its first impression, Candy Crush Saga is a challenging gameIf you’ve played Candy Crush Saga above level 15, there is a near 100% chance that you have sworn at it, cursed the developers, and felt as if life isn’t fair. An avid puzzle gamer casually trying the game out might feel that it is simple and unoriginal, a feeling that I had during my first encounter with the title. A coworker told me that I had to reach at least level 10 to truly experience Candy Crush Saga and all of its glory, which ended up being the silver bullet that I needed to sacrifice my self-discipline and give myself fully to Candy Crush. This game is no joke.

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